The Original Monte Cristo Sandwich Recipe

This amazing simple-to-prepare Monte Cristo is loaded up with ham and gruyere cheese and then battered and fried for the …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. Ive only had this sandwich 3 times in my life and it was unbelievable. Made just as you described. Thought I might make one with turkey added to the ham and use cranberry sauce. Really like that grater you use.

  2. The count of monte cristo. Is in my top 5 movies of all time. I googled monte Cristo because I was going to name my Pokémon (Pokémon go) that… and it’s a sandwich…lol

  3. Pie pan… sigh. why didn't I think of this. An old fashioned sandwich griller is great. The 2 sided bbq grill kind. It has long handles and makes turning easy. It also seals the edges.

  4. Feel like your ham to cheese ratio is ham heavy. Also think it would benefit from having cheese on both sides of the ham, to serve as gooey-cheesy glue for the sandwich. I like mustard, but I feel like you may have been heavy handed with the dijon. Fry was legit, egg dip legit, taking care of the sides was also a big plus. Usually it is served with strawberry, but raspberry is way more legit, WTG!

  5. I'm a chef as well. I love the classic MC Sandwich!

    However, I somewhat reinvented the wheel. I make an MC Sandwich with White Cheddar, Granny Smith & Gala Apples, and Applewood Bacon.

    In addition, I make fresh Cranberry Sauce to spread on top and a Maple Mustard Spread on bottom.

    I call it the Apple Falls Monte Cristo Sandwich.
    Your Thoughts???

  6. Just watched a video for mini chicken pot pies made in a muffin tin that used biscuits for "pie shell". We have leftover ham from Thanksgiving Dinner and was thinking of combing that recipe with the flavor profile and finishing them up like French Toast. May also add a little Grand Marnier to egg mix. 😋😋😋😍😍😍

  7. My favorite Irish pub serves a "Montana Cristo," which adds turkey and substitutes local sourdough bread. I came here to remind myself which meat was traditional in a Monte Cristo. Thanks for a fantastic video.

  8. Many years ago I was invited to brunch at the Beverly Hills Hotel's Polo Lounge. This was my introduction to the Monte Cristo sandwich. Needless to say, throughout the years I would try it if it was on the menu. Alas, disappointment usually followed. The results of this video is the closest to that fabulous sandwich I have ever seen. Thank you for this recipe. 😊

  9. I’ve only ever seen this made with ham, turkey, and Swiss cheese from a German restaurant where I lived. I’ve made it that way since I was a teenager. Never with powdered sugar or a jam/jelly. I enjoyed your version using thick sliced homemade bread. Will try that next time. Thanks.

  10. 4:11 Preach On! That is something I more and more understood during my home cooking journey: taste is king; there are no bad or lowly ingredients as long as they're unprocessed; form follows function aka all techniques are valid and have a case in use!

  11. The Monte Cristo is My husband's and My FAVORITE sandwich. I batter mine with pancake batter which turns it into a Frenchtoast-pancake-grilled cheese. So yummy! Thank You for this recipe. Now I have to make Monte Cristos for breakfast!

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