The Original Orange Chicken by Panda Express

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  1. this is a fake recipe, binging with babish just debunked it. between this and the fluffy japanese pancake recipe, i wonder how many fake recipes are on this horrible channel

  2. Just made this. Listening to the other commenters, I adjusted the water and flour amounts in the batter, and made double the sauce. End result tasted really similar to what you really get from Panda Express today.

  3. Tried this and ended up with pizza dough instead of batter. Reading a lot of the comments to fix but find it odd that doesn’t happen in the video.

  4. I'm in love! Try adding the zest of an orange when you add the OJ and again when it's all done. FIRE! I find myself always adding or tweaking a recipe and that zest took it to another level!

  5. 1 tsp oil
    1/2 tsp ginger
    1 tbsp ginger
    1/4 cup brown and white sugar
    1/4 cup orange juice and vinear
    2 tbsp soy sauce
    2 tbsp water and cornstarch

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  7. Guys I make this so much all the time, it turns out awesome!!! It’s the best recipe half I found it!!! If you want to make it I really recommend it! 🙃

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