The Perfect Sourdough Bread Recipe

Learn how to make an absolutely delicious sourdough bread recipe every single time using my foolproof easy to follow steps using all-purpose flour. Subscribe …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. Made my very 1st ever sourdough following your video. It came out perfect. My husband said it was the best he has ever had. Thank you for your engaging step by step directions.

  2. This is absolutely the BEST recipe for sourdough bread that I have ever tried. I followed Chef Billy's process exactly – and the result was incredible. Each time I tried it subsequently, it worked to perfection. I used bread flour – gave me the best results. I also began adding a bit more water with excellent results. One thing I tried was adding a teaspoon of vital wheat gluten – worked very well and, I think, made the bubbles a little bigger. In any event, this recipe and process is the one to use! Thank you, Chef Billy.

  3. 😔I started my SD by 8:30 pm thinking I could stay up late enough to do the folds, I knocked out by midnight and I couldve gotten away with doing the bulk ferment around 1 am but I woke up around 5 am and, it hasn't over proofed but the dough tears slightly now and doesn't stretch as much so, let's see if there's any open crumb at all, it stayed moist and wet but who knows

  4. Chef…. Did this recipe again with excellent results. However it only makes a single loaf. Can I just multiply the ingredients to make three loaves or do I need to make an adjustment? If I’ve got the oven up to 500 degrees I’d hate to waste all the energy to reheat it each time. Other than sharing these, which I love to do, is there a way to store some without losing that wonderful chewy crust?

  5. Just want to make sure: every time the starter/dough is resting in the oven with the door cracked… there is no heat being generated from the oven, correct? Not even on “warm” setting, yes? Going to try this and surprise my wife (if its good, “Suprise! Enjoy!”; if its bad “surprise… tastes like shite”).

  6. I've made your recipe 3 times now, not that I've tried others recipes but this one is the best lol, im inlove with the bread that I make with my starter that is now a year old, I've been baking awhile so I'd say I'm more than intermediate and this recipe worked just fantastic, and I love that it uses such a small amount of flour in comparison to other recipes I have seen, that gives room for trial and error without wasting so much flour so thank you!

  7. After so many failed attempts of other recipes, this one finally had me jumping for joy! I know mine is still on the "tighter" and more dense side, but the flavor is there and I got a great ear! Any tips to get bigger holes??

  8. I LOVE this recipe and have been using it throughout the pandemic to make the best sourdough. Thank you! On occasion when I go to do my folds liquid has gathered at the bottom of my bowl, which makes it hard for the dough to stick together when I fold. This only happens like every 5 loaves I make….and I can't figure out why it is happening. I have tried to look it up and troubleshoot…but can' t figure it out. Any ideas?

  9. i like good bread, & i even like making it, i just dont like the fact that you need to look like youre homeless to make it. dont believe me? look at 10 'artisanal' bread videos, 9/10 of them will be starring a guy, who hasnt shaved in months, isnt wearing a hair net of any sort, & who constantly preaches how 'big bread' is the death of bread lovers.

  10. Why you have to use (75 g flour, 75 g water and 75 g starter) and later you only take 75 g to use in dough while you can just take 25g starter and feed with 25g water and 25g flour so we don't waste the rest of starter ??????

  11. Hi Chef Billy, love all your recipes, especially your simplified instructions! You have the best videos! Question, can I double the Sour Dough recipe and cook it in a 7 quart cast iron pot, for a larger loaf? Thanks again!

  12. I prepared one with a slight higher hydration and one according to your recipe. One on a pizza stone and the other (higher hydration) in Dutch oven. Both cam out great. The higher hydration had larger air pockets. Thank you for making this easy to follow.

  13. For some reason mine was super sticky, I ended up kneading it some more before I put it in the fridge. Not sure if that was the right thi g to do, but I couldn't handle it at all. Any ideas of what I may have done wrong, or what to do to fix that next time?

  14. Do I need to bring dough out of fridge and bring it to room temperature before baking? All other videos say to do that but you take straight from fridge to the oven. Help!!

  15. I am newbie and I am glad to subscribe your channel and learn your technique but 1 simple question I want to clear to u bake your bread on convection mode or simple bake mode as I could see your oven fan was working !! Thanks in advance

  16. I wish I'd seen your video before I made my first loaf yesterday! I know where I went wrong and why it's so solid on the outside and dense. I broke a piece off, not easy when it could easily be classed as a deadly weapon now, but it tastes really good! So today I'm following your guide which is so much easier and less stressful.

  17. I’m not sure what country you are in but I do not understand the metric system. It is like a foreign language. I realize it is a more Finite source of measure and I could get a scale and I will get one when I can afford one but for now I miss out on your recipe😞🤧

  18. Hi Chef. I love your recipe alot. I succeeded at the first time. My family love this. I have a question. If i want to do 2 or 3 loaf at once time, then i have to do double or triple your recipe? Thank you

  19. Can we use Semolina instead of Cornmeal? Actually, is there a huge difference between Cornmeal & Semolina?
    Also even more importantly, when adding my Sourdough to other baking recipes, I believe you said, 10-20% of what? Is it a percentage of the four which is the 100% or is it the weight of the entire contents of the recipe, including, H2O, salt/sugar and fats?
    This is always what is the enigma for me.

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