The Perfect VEGAN FRENCH TOAST Every Single Time

This recipe will show you how to make the perfect vegan french toast every single time, with no mistakes. This egg free vegan …


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  1. This recipe is awesome! I’ve been vegan for 4 years and the only recipe I had not found a satisfactory replacement for was French toast. You nailed it! 😋

  2. I just tried this recipe it was incredible! I have been wanting a French toast recipe since being vegan & this blew me away! If you are a French toast enthusiast this recipe is a must try! You may even fool some nonvegans!

  3. Are you trying to look like a black woman? A lightskinned ethnic woman? With lip filler? What happened to you? The old Candace that was herself with blonde hair?

  4. Do you think these could be meal prepped in advance? If so, how would you? I like meal prepping waffles (Tho french toast is my fave) and then popping them in the air fryer.

  5. Great presentation, but I am intolerant of all soy except maybe tamari, keeps me from being 100% vegan unfortunately. And it`s not just soy….being vegan with IBS is almost mission impossible because you`re always hunting for that scrap of protein your gut can handle.

  6. Looks like a good recipe and your outfit is cute, but is it really necessary to show off that much skin in a cooking video? I just have to tell you that it is a HUGE trigger for me when women feel like they have to show off their bodies – especially when cooking. I'm here for the recipe – not to see how great your abs are or to see your cleavage. I've never watched very many of your videos, but if this is a regular kind of thing, I probably won't be watching anymore in the future.

  7. French toast with ketchup and syrup is the way to go 😛
    Don’t even tell me that it’s wrong because my British Nana taught all the family to eat it like that 🤣

  8. I'd love to see you remake your jamaican patties!!! Or more Caribbean style recipes or even a recipe just using whole food ingredients 🥰❤

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