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  1. I try to avoid making generalizations because they can be very hurtful when they don't apply to an individual's problems. Having said that, the best plan is to be kind to each other. x

  2. New game plan! I’m a get my money up learn how to love myself more than anyone else, and say no to every girl that will come along to enjoy my spoils

  3. Pro tip: don't go off and play wingman for a friend after work while your partner is grieving the very recent loss of a parent unless you want them out of your life forever. 😊

  4. I agree in some aspects but also gents this can also be a form or manipulation. A relationship is a 100/100 if you’re putting in effort and setting goals and brining things too the table. What is she bringing what is she doing to make your life and you better. And if the needs aren’t met try to work it out and if not then either leave her or him

  5. Yes, women have already checked out of the relationship long before men even know that there's a problem. They put themselves in this position by not listening to their wives Hence, they set themselves up to be blindsided

    This is a shortlist of male behavior that causes women to leave the relationship:

    1. They don't/won't listen…period
    2. They listen but don't understand
    3. They are too lazy to keep working until they understand the problem from their wife's POV.
    4. They are too lazy and/or uninformed to build a healthy relationship
    5. Most men have a very narrow understanding of how to love their spouses

    This is the shortlist of female behavior that sets them up for leaving:
    1.They allow their biology to dictate their mating strategy
    2. They ignore HUGE WAVING red flags
    3. They fail to insist on emplacing healthy, mutually agreed upon boundaries to protect and nurture the relationship

    In short, there's plenty of blame to go around

  6. Imagine if a guy said "I broke up with my girlfriend months before I actually broke up with her, I just used her until I got my sh*t together, then completely blindsided her with the breakup".

    Nagging typically means you're complaining about something that is usually considered not important, if the shoe was on the other foot and your partner was nagging at you, you wouldn't consider it to be an actual issue with you.

    So instead just be an adult, don't throw clues and expect men to know what the issue is, communicate the issue so that he's on the same page as you.

    In regards to "pleasuring" women, not all women are the same, using the same moves on one women will not provide the same results on another women.

    Quite literally all your issues come down to lack of communication, be more direct with your issues by literally telling them the problem you have with something they're doing or not doing.

    And if your partner isn't doing you right in the bedroom, then help him figure it out, some women don't like being kissed on the neck or between the thighs, while others get very turned on by it, some women like it rough while others like the guy to take their time and be gentle.

    So learn to communicate or just don't get into relationships, and if you clearly communicate with your partner but they still fail to meet your expectations, then instead of leading them on for a few months, just break up with them.

  7. This is exactly what happened in my friends relationship. He drank, a lot, every day, and they have 2 kids. So she voiced her concerns and he did nothing about it, for years! So she left him "out of nowhere" 🙄

  8. Your next BF is gonna have so much fun. Pro-tip – have the list ready for him on the first date so he knows what your acceptance criteria is.

  9. My ex was screaming in the car when he lost his cigarette pouch with our credit card in it. He was not working, i came from work and just wanted to relax in the bath tub.
    He didn't stop after i told him. I was crying because he was throwing a toddler tantrum with honking because HE FELT SO BAD.
    I was exhausted and kinda imprisoned in the car without the possibility to leave.

    That was my turning point. He was always like this, but he never tried to change unless i threatened that I couldn't take off our relationship.

    He turned into a freaking stalker after the break up.
    He didn't see it coming, thought a simple sorry would be enough.
    It was not the only thing he did, it was just one of the many things.

    He really thought, he still had a chance. Crazy idiot.

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