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  1. Also eating animals and animal products is colonial and western. Colonialists brought these diets with them as they assimilated cultures around the world.

  2. OMG thats exactly what I tell people when they ask why im Vegan lol, its especially harder to explain when youre from Hardcore Mexican Family lol😂

  3. I'm vegan too, but I recently learned more about how bad plant farming jobs are. I don't know what I can do about it other than continuing to grow more of my own food & supporting movements to improve working conditions for migrant farm workers. If anyone knows what to do please tell me 😢

  4. I get where you’re coming from.. but what about all of the workers who are exploited to get you all of your vegan alternatives? I mean Mexican drug cartels are using violence to have control over the avocado market there, overconsumption from Western markets causes native groups to lose affordable access to dietary staples, etc. Vegans also ignore Indigenous groups who respect and honor the animals who nourish them, cloth them, and even house them. They tried to ensure no species were hunted to scarcity prior to colonization. Veganism IS harmful just like non-vegan diets are. Veganism still harms marginalized communities.

  5. I am not vegan, but i eat a lot of plant based food and I really don't miss meat at all when I don't have it.
    I find them quality of meat these days, esp chicken is very poor and wow often I end up throwing it away.
    I cook Indian, Chinese and Thai with only vegetables most off the time as I personally don't think meat adds anything to the food at all. The flavor comes from the herbs and spices.
    The only exclusion being beef, which of course does add the beef flavour.
    Maybe when all my kids have grown up and moved out I will eventually go vegan, but none off them will eat much without meat in it, other than pizza, and vegan cheese is just awful.

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