The Rumors About Soy are NOT True! (The Dairy Industry Made it up…)

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  1. Tell that to my thyroid, I am not dogging on soy. I love tofu. Tofu used to be a staple food for me, as were cruciferous vegetables, why did my thyroid go all hypo on me.

  2. Yes… soy is bad for you.
    Is DOES increase estrogen production — which is why women with hormonal type cancers are told to stay away from it, it’s not for no reason, most of the time it is genetically modified — which is a whole other discussion but not a positive thing like you may think, a LOT of people are allergic or at the very least sensitive to soy, it’s inflammatory, high in omega 6’s, which can cause your omega 3:6 ratio to be WAY OFF and be the starting trigger for all sorts of thyroid based hormonal problems, blood sugar problems, mental fog, and on and on. So the short answer is YES.

  3. I agree with you. The only thing that is questionable in my mind is that it is a commodity traded in the stock market and there for I have doubts there is true organic soy out there. Just a conclusion I came to from my research.

  4. Used to think I didn't like tofu, tasted like dry spongy air. Then I had it at a restaurant. Turns out I just sucked at cooking tofu. I'm sorry tofu.

  5. It is completely bogus that people actually believed this when tofu originates from East Asia. If tofu / soy was bad for you, then how come countries like Japan and Korea where people consume tofu & soy milk on a regular basis, the rate for cancer & infertility is super low?? Lmao.

    It also makes me laugh when people say that soy is high in estrogen. All plants contain estrogen. It is not the same as the estrogen produced in human bodies. Our bodies do not process it as “estrogen.” If you want to be concerned about your estrogen intake, then stop drinking animal milk 😂

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