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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. Excellent recipe!! Chef Billy Parisi, thank you for making this video! It took me much longer than 30 minutes because I do not cook often. It was delicious. I cant wait to use the marsala sauce with veal!

  2. I am Italian and I love your recipes. I made your Italian sausage and wow…I will never purchase sausage again.
    This is the perfect dish for that great sausage. Thank you.
    I am hosting a dinner club and I know this will be the best meal they have ever had.
    You are generous to share your knowledge and I love all your hints and recipes.
    Thank you and have a blessed Easter!

  3. I signed up for your channel right away. It is truly fantastic. I just opened a channel dedicated to traditional Italian cuisine. It is very nice to see your recipes and discover cuisines from all over the world. We Italians use few spices and sauces and rely more on technique, our culture is based more on the exaltation of the main ingredient. You are very good

  4. Looks incredible, I make your green bean casserole, and would love some more traditional Thanksgiving and Christmas sides. Thanks ahead, love your recipes, they are easy to follow and understand.

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