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  1. The best Burger I've ever had was when my dad to me to his home town in Mexico, he would always brag about the best burger he ever had was in Mexico.
    The day came and we went to Mexico to visit his side of the family.. while we were there he said, y'all want McDonald's?/ and we said yeah.. well, their wasn't any McDonald's.. but he took us to this hole in the wall restaurant and order us the burger and fries with a Coke.
    He didn't say anything about the burgers that he used to have when he lived there but my younger brother said, this is a good burger dad and then my dad said, this the place I always told y'al about

    Over the many years I've tried to recreate the burger 🍔
    I still haven't been able to

  2. My burger game totally changed a year back when I tried Kianos version.
    My oh my her way makes just the most incredibly delicious, out of the world burgers because of the tomato jam. The recipe is so different.

  3. best one so far i've tasted was a 8oz boar patty, little bit of bacon jam, then top it with goat cheese, add a little dijonnaise with sesame buns and its heaven incarnated into a burger

  4. Thanks so much for the aioli Matthew,
    I showed it to my mum and she said "we are making that tomorrow night". Which we did. It was really messy for me and the blender, it was a bit thicker than yours but was great for the first time.

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