The Ultimate Gingerbread House And Cookie Guide

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  1. Can we use the icing when mixed with water as royal icing?
    I forgot to buy it this time and kinda lazy, pls tell if I can use it or not cause I am making both the recipes for the house as well as the normal cookies 🙏🙏

  2. Made this gingerbread house in 2019 I believe. It turned out great! Going to make it again this year. If you’re intimidated don’t be. Totally worth it and fun!
    Also I love the narration. There is a warmth in her voice.

  3. Oh I just love the grandma type write or hand written recipe cards. This does give me nostalgia tho my grandma never did gingerbread, I'd help her make a TON of Xmas cookie evey year. Like she'd fill those giant metal tins that usually have popcorn to the top w Xmas cookies

  4. Oh my goodness, you are truly adorable. I enjoyed listening to your story especially about your grandma. My eyes teared up since I can relate with my grandchildren. Thank you for sharing your recipes including the bonus one's. May you have a beautiful Christmas holiday. Thank you for warming my with your story.

  5. Wonderful video! However, the video skips how much granulated sugar for the house! I looked it up and it's 1 cup. The cookie recipe is delicious, but again, they forgot to mention what temp and how long to cook them and the cookie recipe isn't included in the website. We had to guess and I think we did 12 minutes on 350. Of course, it does make a difference how large the cookies are. They don't spread much either so pat them down if you are doing a cookie ball instead of cut outs. We rolled ours in powdered sugar, but cinnamon sugar would be yummy too. Edit* We froze half the dough and made up the rest yesterday using cookie cutters and they held their shape wonderfully!! They are lightly sweet and soft to bite into!! Perfect for frosting.

  6. made this ginger bread house using this recipe and it totally works!!! the 'glue' is amazing!!! everything instruction worked!! thank you!! 🙂

  7. does anyone have an edible substitute for the paper bag that keeps the roof in tact? the roof is the tastiest part, there’s no way in hell I’d not eat that

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