The Ultimate Vegan Brisket | TEXAS STYLE BBQ SEITAN

In today’s video I’m going transform seitan into a hyper realistic vegan brisket! This vegan bbq recipe is absolutely insane, you’ll …


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  1. That 'brisket' looks like the size of a large T-bone steak. When the friend picked it up on the fork and dropped it you could hear how hard it was, it made a knock like noise, something juicy and moist should make more of a slap/smack noise.

  2. That looks fabulous, thus is a defo gonna try recipe, I've been looking for a good beefy seitan recipe that doesnt use ridiculously hard to find ingredients and I find anything I try from you is always a success! Brilliant Candice xx 😘

  3. Kroger brand Worcestershire sauce happens to be vegan. Also to help make your seitan tender add an acid , like you would for a pie crust. I use coffee. It’s a little protection from over kneading.

  4. This was so awesome. I have been trying to research for video like yours that really teaches the topics in this vid! 👍 🙌Your tip really is like the vids from this informative health enthusiast Doctor Ethan. Dr Ethan's explanations are educational and I learned a lot for my finals!

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  5. It looks sooo good am going to have a go when I get the ingredients together. Please could I put request to make vegan shrimp? In england these are not easily available and I miss them. Linda Mccartney foods used to make them but now discontinued 🥴 thanks in advance

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