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Today I’m going to show you how to make the ULTIMATE vegan tater tots or otherwise known as potato gems, and level it up 3 …


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  1. Not sure is you’re a fan of chorizo, but I found a vegan option here at Whole Foods in Tulsa. It’s called soyrizo. I made a breakfast burrito this morning. I feel like it makes for a perfect brunch.

  2. Not sure if you’ll see this anytime soon, Candace, but since it’s a Level Up Challenge I looked for another in the series. I’ll try to remember to say it again if I don’t get a like or reply in a few weeks…

    There are dishes that will remain on my Thanksgiving menu until they burn my ashes so I’m thinking you are the best person to ask for the following recipes to fit around my existing/already vegan end if the menu : (a) Stuffing 3 ways [please don’t use cranberries or apples or walnuts or golden raisins [they go in my Harvest Fruit Nut Pie] & no mushrooms because that is what I want my turkey & gravy primarily made of …lentils are fine as long as they don’t show up in “b” too AND I like the Puy orFrench style that keep their shape like caviar, (b) as previously mentioned, I would like a mushroom forward loaf or medallion or? turkey replacement, it need not taste like turkey, and a mushroom forward gravy to go with it , and (c) the best mashed potatoes EVER…I will admit to liking fresh peas and sautéed onions/shallots or pearl onions in mine. Are you game? I have visions of serving a fabulous vegan stuffing baked inside a pumpkin! Was planning on making cornbread if you don’t use it fir the stuffing OR I’ll but yummy bakery rolls if you do…open either way. I hate glutton-fests so I like a small menu.

    Save us, Edgy Veg! You’re our only hope! Hoping someone gets that cheesy TVreference…Thanks!

  3. Oh darn, you’re Canadian! How come when I see a vegan food brand I want it ends up being Canadian?? I instantly started searching for “King’s Cafe” bacon, found nothing then came across King Vegetarian brand which started with King’s Cafe in Toronto 😩. Doubt I’ll ever find it in the states now. Boo!

  4. I think I finally find the answer on what to make for breakfast when my friends sleepover my house. TATOR CASSEROLES !!!!!!

  5. If you think tofutti sour cream is too 'fake' tasting or too thick, earth island does a really good coconut-based one. tastes like plain vegan yogurt, but its mild and even just salsa hides the taste

  6. Reminds me . . . I have a bag of tator tots in the freezer . . . so just in time . . . now the problem . . . which one will I make?????? Great ideas!

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