These 15 Minute Vegan Dinners Will Change Your Life | Upgrading Boxed Mac & Cheese

These 15 minute vegan dinner recipes can easily transform a box of Mac & Cheese into gourmet meals that are incredibly easy …


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  1. I'm super curious what everyone thinks of the new format? I wanted to bring some old school youtube elements back to the channel and make it feel more intimate and personal again. What other videos do you want to see with this format in mind?

  2. Is parsley basil use garlic congratulations olive oil you have pesto that’s with the original pesto used to be way way back and I’m using voice to text so I don’t expect this to come out making a whole Lotta sense because unfortunately for me I can’t fix it. Original pastors had more things like parsley and various kinds of green leaves and they were crushed in the mortar and pestle with garlic and yes even lemon zest lemon and lemon in it. You can find their people on YouTube who have 17 original recipe including how it was made cheese came later.

  3. We don't have boxed Mac' and Cheese here in Germany. (at least I've never seen it)
    But I recently made a big batch of Cheeze Cubes that are perfect as a substitute. Thinking my lunch tomorrow will be the lemony version. Probably even good to food prep and eat on the go 😁
    Thanks for the inspo ❤️

  4. This rocks and I am so late, but for any new folks coming by, googling "school night vegan mac and cheese" will bring you to a BEAUTIFUL recipe for a vegan mac and cheese powder base that's super cheap to make and that you can prep in bulk to keep in your cupboard for whenever. Makes these recipes not only very fast, but also suuuuper affordable.

  5. I love your videos I'm so glad to have found you I've been struggling being a vegan. I get frustrated of just how hard it is to follow some recipe that people make and all the ingredients and all the stuff you have to order online. I'm just so glad I found you I don't use oil to cook but I'm thrilled with all your recipes I can't wait to make them all of them 🙂

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