These 3-5 Ingredient Vegan Recipes Will Change Your Life!

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  2. Gnocchi= no key, totally making this! Just got done making your shakshuka eggs, I already make the sauce, didn't know how to make the eggs after giving up the real thing, it's super good thanks!!😎😎👏👏👏👏👏🍻🍻🍻🍻

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  6. I am certainly trying out the Morocan-inspired savoury pastries! They look so so good and I am sure my fam would love these crispy, umami-packed pockets!

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  8. Wow That tofu an broccoli 🥦 stir fry is amazing,l cooked it 2days ago yum,l fried the tofu abit more so it stay crunchy an it was bliss,thanks for the amazing recipe, love ya channel,🤗🥦🥦🥦🥦🥦

  9. @Edgy Veg, Candace, you actually made me cry; not your fault. The last dish, the tofu-broccoli thing, with sticky rice, is almost exactly what I used to order off the menu, rather than doing the buffet, which had nothing for me but spring rolls, when my late husband and I used to go to Oasis Buffet, in Knoxville, which closed a few months before he died. He would always sneak me a couple spring rolls, if I didn't order vegetable egg rolls (which the rolls had no egg). I called it my, "broccoli broom," because I would need to "let it go" within a max of about 45 minutes of eating it. He was an Omni, obsessed with their peel and eat tiny shrimp; a liver transplant and cardio bypass patient, then a gastric bypass, hoping for spinal surgery for his stenosis. Yeah. It was a lot. This was my second favourite Chinese recipe, after one from another place that also closed, Mandarin House, which had a brown sugar sweet and sour tofu dish, with carrots and onions, only served at lunch, on the buffet. I would get tempura mushrooms and broccoli, with duck sauce, and vegetable fried rice. At the time, as a lacto-ovo, I would also get a few mozzarella sticks or potato cheese things (like tots).

    There was one other Chinese buffet place that changed to another name, and their food. It isn't as good now.

    I miss those places, and going there with him.

  10. Very interested in trying the meat pie and gnocchi. Have you done any shows on Vegan condiments/dressings/relishes? Looking for something different to put on veggie burgers or in veggie wraps or maybe even to put on some grilled vegetables.

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  12. But many patients expressed their satisfaction that they were all tested negative to Herpes after they ordered treatment from doctor Alued on YouTube. According to doctor I’m now Herpes free 🦋🦋

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