These Tamales Were Way Better Than My Favorite Mexican Restaurant

This incredibly delicious tamale recipe is filled with slow-braised chicken in a zesty red sauce and steamed in corn husks until …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. I am looking forward to trying this!

    If you wanted to make a big batch to freeze some…

    – does it freeze well

    – should one freeze before or after the last steaming?

    – I love how you look without your cap!!

  2. I grew up in South Texas (near Corpus Christi) and we learned to make tamales with javalina… oh my goodness!… sooooo good!!!!!

    ALSO… we would add ground chilies to the masa… not a lot… usually just a mild chili… and we would rehydrate a couple of mild chilies in whatever liquid we added to the masa… just for an added layer of flavor.

  3. This is definitely an “assembly line with friends” meal. It’s much less work and a lot more fun. An abuela truck is to thoroughly wash a penny and put it in the bottom of the pot while steaming. It will rattle around if all the water cooks off.

  4. Thanks to the fan for requesting this wow the persistence is admirable 😂 glad you made it with chicken 🙌🏼I am going to try it soon

  5. I love Tamales! Hope I have the energy to make them some day. Think I’ll do it in steps. One day the chicken, next week the tomatoes and peppers. I’ll soak the husks the following week while the other stuff is thawing. I’m not used to cooking—single & 74 (and lazy, ahem, too).

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