This Chef Makes 3 Indian Desserts Using Only 5 Ingredients Each • Tasty

Join Kamana Bhaskaran (@kamanabhaskaran) as she shows you three delicious Indian desserts that use only five ingredients …


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  1. The kulfi ice cream looks so delicious. I have a quick question. Where did you get the edible rose petals. Any specific brand that you use? Can you please share the link?

  2. Hi!
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    Thanks for all of your support ✌

  3. Mannn…that’s not how you make kulfi…RIP the Indian in me…I’m learning cooking in my cooking classes, but after seeing this I was like…🤯🤯

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  5. Uh, cardomom is also very expensive. 2000 Rs per Kg. Once i added 10 cardomoms to kheer. My mom gave me "scared" look😂😂
    Saffron undoubtedly "most expensive spice ever" i never have saffron in my home🤣🤣

  6. 7:43 Don't discard the whey collected it's full of nutrients and good source of vegetarian protein.
    Use it in 1) making smoothies and shakes(as she has mentioned) (2) knead dougsh with it (3) water the plants (4) Can bathe(good for both hair and skin) with it. And then use clean water (5) boil it drink it as it is or can add little bit salt (6) Can use it in making curries and soups etc

  7. This is not the way Coconut ladoo or Kopra Paak is made. No need of refrigeration. You should use Sugar Syrup, Khoya/Mawa, Ghee (Clarified Butter). This is not the way.

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