This Corn Tortilla Technique Took me 50 Tries

Homemade corn tortillas are so easy to make and taste way better than anything you are going to get from the store, plus its only 3 …


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  1. Chef Billy I love everything about your presentation for making perfect tortillas. And if Maseca masa flour was non- GMO ORGANIC that would be fine too. BUT it is not organic nor non-GMO and comes from multiple sources so along with your tasty tortillas you’re getting your daily dose of pesticides.😂. Maybe the instant part makes it the go to masa of choice but unfortunately most cooks don’t realize they are eating unwanted poisonous chemicals.

  2. I agree with your video……..another technique that can make a difference how they cook. Is letting the dough rest for about 30 minutes before you cook them.

  3. Thanks for this. I tried following your instructions and got a much better texture from the thorough kneading. he The first tortilla came out well and puffed a bit. However, most of the rest still did not puff, and some of them had a gummy texture unless I waited so long to flip them that they got too dry. I'm curious about what I might be doing differently than you. My first thought is that my iron griddle is at a different temperature. Have you checked how hot your pan is getting with an infrared thermometer?

  4. I am my own personal chef, prefer whole foods vs premade store boughts. I just returned from Mexico with a fresh inspiration on tacos, so I found this video on tortillas, thanks!

  5. Thank you for this! I tried my first batch yesterday & they only puffed a little bit. I was so frustrated. Although I didn't do much differently than you did (and my family still devoured them), I knew it still wasn't quite right, because I only got minimal puffing. I can't wait to try it again with your tips. Thanks!!

  6. Just yesterday I told myself i am done trying to make corn tortillas, and then today I came across your video Chef Billy! Going to try your recipe and technique. I have a cast iron little skillet, but I never really use it. When I try cooking corn tortillas I go with medium heat but it starts burning into the iron and I can't even scrub it off with a metal scrub thing! I heard you say you can use a non stick pan as well. Do you know of a toxin free non stick pan that works? Help!! Thanks!

  7. My husband was a chef and came from Mexico. He taught me how. I got the pillow most of the time. I have made thousands of tortillas over the years. Nice video…

  8. Billy, I have made oodles of corn tortillas in my life. Your process is right on. I live in NM, which is very dry. Everytime I make a ball of dough and place it on my tray I put a damp towel over it and the other balls of dough on the tray. Good job, chef.

  9. First round below was with using a kettle to flatten the tortillas and repeatedly resetting the stove timer. I have upgraded to a brand new cast iron press and two electric timers. While the taste was just as good without the new equipment, everything else was so much better with the new stuff. My first try I did not get the puffing of the tortillas. It took my exactly 2 tries to get that puffy wonderfulness with the press and the ease of having the timers. Your method is outstanding and I thank you so much for posting. I am sharing it with all my friends that love to cook!

  10. All that prep time, all those failed attempts, and you couldn't bother to weigh out the corn flour. Sediments pack, they cannot be accurately measured by volume. You might as well have measured it in handfuls.
    This video was useful to me at least to see that you've used like, 20% more water than other recipes do, and how much better parchment paper will work compared to the ziploc bags I've tried in the past. Now to bump up the 3:4 water to flour ratio on the package to the 9:10 suggested here and hope I get clean edges

  11. A big thank you. I have made corn tortillas a few times and they came out dry and crumbly. I thought I needed butter, lard or other oil. Not so. I saw this video today for the first time and went into the kitchen and made 6-8 tortillas following this method. Three ingredients… Masa Harina, salt, water. I kneaded for 7-8 minutes. Did the 45/90/45 method on a small cast iron. These had just that slight dense & chewy texture and they did not fall apart. Mine did not puff up as much as in the video so I'm sure I have more to learn but these were far and away the best I have made.

  12. Is there any way to make a home made corn tortilla in to a crispy taco shell? I've seen a couple videos using store bought; but nothing about homemade

  13. My husband and I have been making our own tortillas for awhile now, tweaking every time, trying a different recipe, but something just wasn’t right anytime…good, but not great…I followed this recipe to a T and they were the best tortillas we’ve ever made! Thank you so much!

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