This INSTANT RAMEN Hack will Upgrade Your Vegan Ramen

Love ramen but feeling a bit lazy? This instant ramen hack using soy milk will allow you to make a delicious vegan ramen dish that …


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  1. Can you make a recipe with impossible meat??? My daughter is trying to go vegan but can’t find nothing she likes can you make one so I can surprise her with one of these videos

  2. Looks amazing! I recommending adding spicy chili oil. It’s sesame oil but it’s spicy and red in color . Love that stuff . 😍✨

  3. Here in Aus the brand "Fantastic" do a Vegan veggie Laksa noodle bowl. I level that up all the time adding a handful of pre-cut dry slaw mix (cabbage, carrot, celery, green onion) and add a handful of frozen corn and a knob or two of froz spinach. I literally just add boiling water to the noodle bowl, toss in my veg, cover it up and let sit for 10 mins to "cook" haha. SO delicious! 😊👌

  4. i fancy up my ramen with whatever veggies i have in the fridge but my favorite is napa cabbage, bean sprouts, and lots of green onion, start the water with my veg until tender, add noodles, seasoning packet (some or all), sesame oil, soya sauce, homemade ground chili flakes, and some ginger/garlic, when almost done, stick a slice of american cheese either on top while cooking or throw it in the bottom of your bowl, makes it so creamy! it definitely has alot less sauce/soup than normal but so good, sometimes i crack an egg and put the lid on for a minute, ramen with a soft boiled egg, yum!

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