This Is How I Became A Professional Baker

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  1. Oh god when she was describing what butter bakery is like to her it made my eyes light up. I’ve wanted to be a pâtissière for my entire life, I can’t wait to share with people the same warmth that she does!

  2. Really thankful to hear Devonna's story. I was looking for how people decide to work in the bakery industry. Her story made me realised strong passion and love for baking is so important.

  3. Thank you, this has been my passion my whole life, however I have never had the money to open up my own business. I love to bake and cook, doesn't matter what the product is, I just love cooking and the gratification of the final product. I am old and running out of time but I still want to do this and the dream has never left my heart. I am happy for you and that your dream is coming true for you. I wish you all the best!

  4. I'm totally blind because of hormonal, metabolic and neurological reasons and a lot of people say that I have no business being in this industry. If you don't mind me asking, are you blind yourself?

  5. Il video non mi é piaciuto poiché non c'erano i sottotitoli in italiano e in più era un mio compito di inglese e la cosa mi disgusta grazie per avermi rotto le palle🙂🙂

  6. this video made me almost sob (no joke). I’m a 17 yr old home baker who’s going into her senior year and i’ve always loved baking and i want to pursuit as a career in my future and attend culinary school but recently for months now i’ve baked less and doubted myself from the hurtful words that are spoken to me and i begin to overthink and overwhelm myself trying to find something else i can become but there is literally nothing else that i’m more passionate about than baking and this woman’s story really gave me hope and changed my view of how i see my self and my baking. literally thank you tasty and youtube recommendations (lol)

  7. This is so inspiring. I started two weeks ago, baking in my kitchen with a five pound bag of sugar, and a five pound bag of flour like you lol. I've had about 10 orders a week and have been advertising on Facebook like crazy! I love doing this!!

  8. I really appreciate this. Since I was 11 I loved baking and wanted to be a baker. In September I'm going to college for culinary arts and I am so nervous. I struggle when it comes to interacting with people and I'm not gonna lie I was kinda doubting wether or not to go mainly due to my socializing issues. But watching videos like these show that it'll be worth it to go ahead and do something I love for a living and that I shouldn't keep worrying about the socializing aspects of things, just gotta keep moving forward.

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