THIS is How I Get Perfect Juicy Smoked Brisket

Learn how to make a perfect juicy smoked brisket recipe confidently every time you fire up your smoker to make one. You will love …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. You absolutely do not need any binder! Salt and pepper is perfectly good as is. Great video overall. Mind you I still use my offset to do brisket rather than my pellet grill, totally different flavor profile, but both are good.

  2. Love your videos, putting these together is certainly a labor of love. I personally prefer a bit of a smoke ring: low smoke phase of 3-5 at 185f before cooking it. But it is fun to see how others do it. Great work.

  3. I'm with Billy on the seasoning. At the end, I place the wrapped brisket in a Yeti for about two hours. The meat cools to about 185 prior to serving. Very tender and juicy. I don't know if the difference is significant, but it sure makes the kitchen smell good. Thanks for the carving demonstration. I always turn too late.

  4. I owe you a big thank you for motivating me to purchase a pellet smoker. I've smoked meat for years with a charcoal smoker. But like you stated, there's no honor in getting up 0200 in the morning to smoked meats to be serve around 1200 to 1700. The process stresses me out to the point where I don't smoke much. However, after trying out my new pellet smoker, Wow! So easy. Temperature control is outstanding. I can actually get some good sleep while doing low/slow smoking. What a blessing. Thanks again. Have a great day sir.

  5. At the beginning of the video you said 250 degrees but later about the 8 minute mark, the grill was at 49 and you said another 150 to go.

    Should the grill temp be 200 or 250?

    My understanding next is when the internal temp is between 150-175, wrap it.

    Get grill up to 275.

    Brisket is done when internal temp is between 195-200.

    Is this correct?

    Thanks for your help.

  6. Glad to see you got your smoker! Perfect timing video, I just bought a pellet grill myself :). I’ll be referencing this video for sure, thanks Chef Billy!

  7. Hi Chef, at which point do you wrap brisket up? 150 degrees?
    Also, sometimes I cut the thin part from the thick part and remove the thin part earlier to keep it all moist. I don't know if you would recommend against it.

  8. Charcoal or wood for a true smoked flavored brisket. Pellet grills just don’t get that true deep smoked flavor. And with modern probes, I can monitor my smoker on my iPhone.

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