This is How I get PERFECT Smoked Salmon EVERY Time

This delicious smoked salmon recipe is brined in a wet brown sugar and citrus brine then finished with a sweet orange glaze for …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. My camp chef pellet grill has a 165 smoke setting that works perfect doing this. Don’t forget the number 1 sauce in the world for salmon I learned 30 years ago and still use it daily. Yoshida Gourmet sauce

  2. Just the recipe I was looking for! Not to salty, skipped the soy sauce but man it turned out deliciously delightful!! Thank yu!

  3. Today, we did this. Brine: 10; Smoking Instructions: 7 (Recommend the usual 225 right away to get the smoke you need.) Baste: 8 I need to do something to get it thicker. The flavor was awesome.

  4. Coming from a career Chef I your videos. You put so much detail and information into your videos that you're literally giving away decades of experience i
    and it's a beautiful thing. Thank you for sharing your craft and giving it back to the people.

  5. I live in the Cook inlet shore in Alaska. I'm going to be doing some new smoke techniques I've learned. I've been a fisherman my whole life, I'm 55. May is coming and we dip our nets off the shore for King Salmon. May 15th I'll be cooking my first king Salomon of the season.

  6. I have smoked 20-30 salmon fillets using brown sugar and salt. First do not bring it to a boil. it will only take longer to cool. warm it enough to dissolve the salt. Then if you use a cup of salt you only need to leave in the the brine for max 1hr. works great. I will be trying it with the zest you suggest in the future.

    I use an Orion Cooker that is a convection smoker. it will smoke the filet in 20 to 23 min. It will be very juicy but it will have less smoke flavor than more traditional smokers due to the speed.

  7. Living in Alaska for 45 years and smoking and eating salmon all my life, although I don't claim to be an expert. I don't like to brine my fish as it sucks most of the moisture out of any type of fish especially salmon causeing it to be firm textured accompanied with dryness. Just put salt on your fish at the time of smoking at around 100 degrees for 3 hours then finishing it off at 400 degrees for one minute will give u an unbelievable texture and flavor . Squeeze plenty of fresh lemon with a nice ripe advacado will leave your guests in awe.

  8. Had I known this recipe involved a pellet smoker at 3/4 of this video I probably would not have watched it. However, I’ll give it a try with my Weber charcoal smoker and keep an eye on the salmon to not go past 140.

  9. Great video. Glad you understand the importance of the pellicle. I cold smoke with air in a smaller hot smoker for a couple of hours., then hot smoke for 20 minutes. But I have a dry brine 50 % salt 50% brown sugar. And I leave it for 24 hours. I like it saltier than you.

  10. 140 internal is a medium rare. I get you can't recommend 125 internal, but technically, it's safe. I go to 130-135. Anytime you get over 160, you ruin your fats (and get the white stuff), so rather than than cooked to brown, broil and be really careful, or use a torch. You damage the fats less.

  11. Wild Salmon is prohibitively expensive here, but I regularly catch Rainbow trout in the 3-5 lb range, and they are great for smoking with this process. Mackerel or Bluefish are otherworldly. In my experience 2 hrs isn't enough to get a full pellicle, I do 10 hrs in the fridge or 3 hrs outside in cold windy weather with a fan. For something different, try orange wood, it's great with fish

  12. Please tell me the brand of pellet smoker you use. I’m in the market to get one and I like the looks of your set up. Thank you.

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