THIS is how Sopapillas are Supposed to Be Made

This delicious easy-to-make homemade sopapilla recipe is fried to perfection and topped off with a dusting of sugar, cinnamon, …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. I remember that place so well!!
    I craved their food with my first pregnancy. We lived in Farmington, but we went to South County often just to eat there.
    Thanks for bringing back some sweet (literally) memories!!
    I regret never ordering sopapillas from them, though.
    I first became familiar with them a few years later near Pensacola, Florida, where they were served before our meal for free!!

  2. Choco? No, absolutamente NO! Why don't you just pour motor oil on them? The F-L-A-V-O-R of the Sopapilla will be completely overtaken by the mexican invention called Chocolate. Have you had MEXICAN Chocolate? It has Cinnamon and Sugar grainy Sugar but when you put it into boiling milk in Wintertime…. yummmmmm

  3. You brought back old memories. I worked at Casa Bonita in OKC for a few years. I know I made millions of those things. You done a great job on those. Now I have to make some.

  4. The first time I ever had a sopapilla was in the mid 70's at a place outside Denver called Casa Bonita. They served them as a square. You bit the corner off and poured honey inside. They were amazing. Reminded me of the fried dough my Italian nana used to make on Sunday Mornings. She called them pizza fritte for some reason. Ah, memories.

  5. Buñuelos but puffy. I've had Bunuelos from Mexico[when fresh it's slightly puffy, though Bunelos are frequently served burnt] and lots of New Mexican Fry Bread…..don't recall ever eating sopapillas. I should try to make them.

  6. Miss El Charro in Northern Az. You didn’t have a meal without this dessert w honey butter. Looked here in S.E. Coast for 25 yrs for them to be listed on a Mexican menu. Nada! Can’t find an authentic beef enchilada recipe either. Tortillas filled w cheese and covered in a mole sauce w tender diced pieces of meat. Sigh. Mouth watering for out West cuisine.

  7. I would like to add you should always drop whatever you are frying away from you when adding it to the oil. Scalding hot oil splashing all over you is no fun. Lastly when using brown sugar its a butterscotch sauce. Regular caramel uses white sugar. That being said this made me hungry so I'll need to try this soon.

  8. OK, as much as I don’t like taking the time to deep fry anything I’ve got to try this one. Then you went ahead and added chocolate & caramel sauces, ice cream, whipped cream, cinnamon, powdered sugar….UGH. You’re cruel, Billy!!! 😂

  9. I am so excited that you made these!! I grew up in Southern Colorado where we had a large Mexican population, and this was one of my favorite things to order out. They are so delicious! I now live in the mid-west, and it is very difficult to find sopapillas that are made in the traditional manner. For that reason, I have made them at home. I am definitely going to try them with the egg and warm milk in my next batch! it sounds amazing! Thanks for the idea!……. Update: I finally had time to make these and WOW are they great! Huge thumbs up on adding the egg and milk!!!

  10. Nice! My favorite method is to walk to the New Mexican place around the corner and order a bowl of green chile stew and a carta blanca. The sopapillas magically appear when I'm done!! ; )

  11. Yeah those were buñuelos you showed at the beginning. My paternal family is from Albuquerque NM where sopapillas are a staple like tortillas are for my maternal side (we eat them with savory foods, like Indian fry bread). Thank you for sharing!

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