This is How You Make Perfectly Cooked Chicken Breasts

Cooking perfect chicken breasts can be challenging but I’ve got an absolutely fool proof procedure that I’ve been using for years and it works every single time.


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  1. Thank you so much for this. This is one of the first cooking videos I've seen that is ACTUALLY good for beginners, and it felt very comforting having every single thing that I felt confused about clearly explained to me. A lot of people seem to take cooking knowledge for granted, so they don't even bother teaching about the basics like which oil and pan to use. So thank you 🙂

  2. Lies!! I raise chickens and some of my chickens are huge! Grass-fed and organic! If you give them the right kind of love they can grow to be beasts and produce tons of meat!

  3. very nice tips just a question Chef when you flipped the chicken breast in pan did u again cook for 3-4 minutes or you just transferred in oven without cooking that side plz let me know thnx

  4. Awh I made this for my boyfriend and he grabbed a plate and some ranch. He is now scarfing it down with no ranch and said it is even better than he expected "Chicken breast!?! This juicy like a chicken thigh! How did you get it so juicy!?"

  5. What do you do when you're cooking at least 6 breasts and cant fit in one skillet to put in the oven immediately after? Is a sheet pan ok to use? Do I cook it as it comes out of the pan or wait till all are done then put all in oven at the same time?

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