This is why your jackfruit tastes bad :(

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  1. THISSSSSSS!!!!!! So many restaurants don’t take these steps, and you can tell. This is how I’ve always known to make jackfruit, after the first time of trying sooo hard to get rid of the briney taste without.

  2. Fascinating technique! Alas, I don't think any of the restaurants I have been to follow similar steps, so I have started to avoid ordering things from menus if they are made of jackfruit.

  3. I love the taste of jackfruit as fake pulled pork. I'm not a vegetarian, but I've gotten my cholesterol really down by not eating pork and beef on a regular basis. As I'm unemployed I could save some money if I made it myself. So this is something I'm going to have to try. Jack and Annie's meatballs made of jackfruit are so good. Someday need to find a way to make those. But the pulled pork is a place to start.😊

  4. I really enjoy your videos Candice but there's no way anyone should be spending that much time making a vegan meat substitute with no protein content… What's so wrong with shredded tofu? 😅

  5. Vegans trying to make a fruit taste like meat and failing is no fault of the fruit.. Indonesian jackfruit curry tastes great because of the fruity flavour, not in spite of it.
    Leave Indonesian food alone 😂
    If you mean "how to make jackfruit not taste like fruit" say that..

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