This Is Why Your Tofu Scramble Tastes Bad (and how to fix it)

TRY MY UP-TO-DATE VEGAN RECIPES↓ Tofu Scramble Recipe: …


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  1. So I'm Nigerian, and we don't really have tofu (I think they have it in the north and west) but god, vegetarians in this country go fast tire. Ah.

  2. “MY substitution”…
    Proceeds to make something an Indian auntie made me over 30 years ago that has been made thousands of times in hundreds of videos all over social media for 10 years…

  3. I make mine with onion & garlic powder, salt, nutritional yeast, a bit of turmeric, black pepper, & some chili powder. Always eat it on buttered toast w/some sriracha 👌🏻

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