This Restaurant’s Secret Menu Item is a VEGAN Big Mac! | Vegan Fast Food Review

You read that right. A vegan brewery in Toronto has an all vegan menu, with a secret item being a vegan Big Mac. We had to go …


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  1. If you can't make an "It's too big for my mouth" joke, is the burger even worth having?! But real talk, what is your favourite fast food item you wish could go vegan (Maybe I can make it happen…*insert eye emoji*)

  2. BTW, i absolutely am obsessed ( in a NOT so single white female type obsessed lol ) I've purchased your cookbook and love love love your videos. They are fun, straight forward and mostly always delicious…. you are a rock start

  3. The owners of this place treat their employees really, really badly and have caused a lot of issues in the neighborhood, especially by making racist statments and being pretty rude to poor people in the area

  4. This is my favourite vegan junk food spot! I love the Waffle Que, I want one right nowwww!
    Also, yes the Big Mac is HUGE! If you go back, ask for the classic burger dressed as a Big Mac, (it doesn't increase the price).

  5. Maybe visit a restaurant that isn't traditionally vegan friendly and create/order something off menu or show us what options we have at the type of restaurants we may see more often? It would be a cool challenge to eat something delicious and vegan at a non-vegan restaurant.

  6. Hi I'm Akash from India… u know about the Jain community in India that consumes no dairy ,no meat , no onion or garlic…..can u please showcase jainIndian vegan food in your channel….by the way love your content…lots of hugs from India

  7. Two years ago, as I travelled all the way through Canada I went to Doomies for their vegan Big Mac and I never found anything like it again. All the dishes look so delicious, I wish I could just go again!! Thanks for sharing this Candice and much love from Germany 🙂

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