This Soup Deserves JUST AS MUCH attention as Clam Chowder

You will love this Creamy Fish Chowder Recipe loaded with Yukon potatoes, crispy bacon, fresh fish, and herbs in a delicious …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. I see myself making this sometime in the near future. I live in Alaska and subsistence fish, so my freezer is full of salmon, but I’m sure that will make a great chowder as well.

  2. There's something magical about your food. I appreciate your efforts; I was wondering if you could share a video of you cooking with KHAL viewers


  3. Wow. I am going to make this! My Czech mother would make fish soup . She would subscribe to Gourmet magazine. She would improvise on ingredients at times. I think I was the only 8 year old that would tell the school kids how great fish soup was! My Italian father quietly loved my mothers unconventional Italian recipes. So glad I found your channel.Thanks!

  4. In Scotland/Britain we have a version similar to this called Cullen Skink, made with Smoked Haddock (or Finnan Haddie if you can get it). Otherwise any smoked White fish. It is only made with chopped potatoes, chopped onion, milk, some fish or chicken stock (sometimes fish stock is too fishy), butter and some chopped parsley. It is scrumptious.

  5. Thanks for the great video. Have you ever used the better than bullion fish base? Would you recommend it? I have had really good results with their lobster and clam socks for other recipes.

  6. Hello Chef, thanks again for another great recipe. I have made many of your recipes and have to honestly say they have all turned out fantastic. Your instructions and tips on how to cook are spot on, easy to follow and always turn out well. Thank you for the guidance and recipes. Best Regards. ❤❤

  7. This recipe is fantastic! Thanx, Chef Billy Parisi for the idea. I would like to use fewer celery stalks and add some carrots with the potatoes, leeks, and onions, too.

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