This Technique Makes Mushrooms & Walnuts TASTE LIKE BEEF?! (I'm still shocked)

Walnuts? And mushrooms? Into ground beef? Yup. We’re doing it. Sometimes it’s easier to buy these things but why can’t we make our own vegan meat at home …


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  1. That was such an adorable video. You were totally comfortable in your skin and it shows. You exude confidence, even non-chalance. I've done walnuts, mushrooms, and I added green olives just for a bit of zing. That was very similar to what I imagine you made. Good stuff!

  2. Thank you fir this recipe . I’m in nyc a whole food plant based vegan. Maybe adding cauliflower as filler too. 💜🙏🏻 ahhh you said it lol. Keep rockin’ it!

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