This Technique Will Turn MUSHROOMS Into SCALLOPS! | Vegan Scallops Recipe

In today’s video we’re going to attempt to turn mushrooms into scallops. Using a custom seaweed marinade and some simple …


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  1. I didn't have veggie broth, so I used water instead. I would personally use less fat next time, but it still turned out so amazing and yummy!

  2. Oooh wonderful idea Candace! I always look for more elegant gourmet ideas for special occasions or quarantine date nights in with hubby. Youโ€™re a genius!!!

  3. The only thing is that when I make vegan scallops from mushrooms I need to make something heartier with it. Real scallops are more filling because itโ€™s protein…these make a good appetizer because Iโ€™m still hungry.

  4. This looks awesome. I crave chicken and dumplings. I used to make them with Bisquick. I've tried to veganize it but the chicken first come out right. Please try it for me.
    I love your videos and have tried so many of them. Because of you, I actually can cook tofu and like it! Thank you thank you

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