This Vegan Bacon is Made from BREAD? | Trying Tik Tok Vegan Bacon Recipes

In today’s video we’re trying two new interesting vegan bacon recipes that went viral online and in Tiktok! We try RJ The …


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  1. Idk why, but this absolutely cracks me up.
    But it's really genius. Bread is super cheap and this is so much healthier, more sustainable, and better for the animals. Win all the way!

  2. Wow this would be great if I didn’t have an autoimmune disease and can’t eat any grains because all grains cause extreme inflammation in the body which isn’t good at all for health. I gave up pork after finding out undercooked pork can cause worms that lay eggs in the brain….so pork just isn’t worth the risk. I will have to try this recipe on thin cut sweet potatoes and see if it’s any good.

  3. Just rediscovered your channel and watched the video about why things have changed. Good for you! People grow and change. Becoming more genuinely relaxed and authentic is such a milestone. Abusive relationships are devastating. It took extracting myself from a very toxic situation, and learning about what makes a truly worthwhile relationship and healthy boundaries, to finally be able to really grow as a person. I can now better manage anxiety and actually feel happy in myself, regardless of what other people think. You look amazing. I think everyone does when they are free to just be themselves!

  4. CANDACE, loving your work, as always, and your look being more "you" suits you so well. It's lovely seeing you comfortable in your own skin.

    The first recipe reminds me of a weird kind of French toast. I wonder if a bit of JustEgg in the dredge would make something amazing? I have done double rice paper bacon, without the stuffing; it works better than single sheets. Adding JustEgg to the dredge for the first recipe might be amazing. Vegan bacon, egg, toast.

    For the Ramsey bacon, I'm thinking I will finely crumble the tofu if I try this. And I'll definitely omit all that extra spice. I want something that reminds me of grandma's fry up, not some weird new thing. I mean, if I want something new, fine, but those of us trying for faux meats aren't seeking novel, we're seeking a taste of home, right? And all of the marinades with maple syrup? 🙄

    As a kid, I would always have my pancakes on a separate plate, because if the syrup got into my meats, or worse, my eggs, it made me want to barf. The idea of the McGriddle made me want to hurl. I used to dip my crispy bacon, sausage, and toast into my egg yolks. Sweets for breakfast always made me sick, including too sugary cereals. I know, that's just me. One of these days, I'm gonna make a marinade, without the syrup, and make people's heads explode, in a good way. 😁 Or you could do that, and beat me to it. I won't be mad.

    One last note: I used to use the Goya Ham Seasoning for beans greens, etc., because it was Vegan. For some stupid reason, they decided to add dehydrated ham to it within the last couple years. 😡🤬 They literally took something useable by everyone, and made it unusable for 20% of the population. Wtaf? Anyway, I always enjoy your efforts. You might consider doing a combo of "Monson Made This" and "Sauce Stache" faux meat things. I found them around the same time, and used to confuse the two, both being bald White guys, doing Vegan faux meats. Bon chance, femme belle.

  5. omg PLEASE fuse your rice paper bacon w/ the tofu idea and report back! rice paper bacon feels like eating air. i mean, delicious and crispy air but the little bit of chew in there just sounds right.

  6. The are so many countries that are vegan. I get so annoyed when I hear about people trying to turn one thing into something else. It’s like trying to make a dog into a cat. It’s never going to happen, because the composition is different. Bread is never going to become 🥓 or the simple truth is that one is an animal and the other is a 🌱. They are both good, but one will never be the other. Just enjoy them the way God intended. Be blessed.

  7. I wonder if a very thin layer of jackfruit would be a good stuffing in Ramsey's bacon? Even powdered, then rehydrated tvp would give a nice chew to the center.

  8. It's bread and a combination of sauces and spices, this is not bacon. Stop fibbing yourself. It is as much bacon as it is chocolate or peanuts. Need i go on. Call it something different so people don't get confused.

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