This Vegan Breakfast Recipe will make them fall in love…

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  1. Are you "vegan" or, "vegetarian"?
    Not trying to be rude, or trolling.
    Butter is a weird line with vegetarians. Vegans are almost militant about it. (Chocolate too)
    I mean no disrespect, I am just asking. ❤

  2. Bro what do you mean what are we doing? Lol you're the one who bought the mini candies, they are individually wrapped so you can hand them out. Like wtf do you want? Don't buy individual mini candies and then they won't each be wrapped in plastic?? Like you're literally part of the problem if anything.

  3. Heads up in Europe puff pastry isn't usually vegan as they add butter 🤦‍♀️ however, some house brands use plant butter – but you just have to make sure to read the ingredients 😉

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