This Vegan Sausage Claims to Taste like MEAT?!

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  1. Looks good. Meat analogues are so often referred to as being good for transitioning but somehow not for long time vegans. I've been vegetarian for 21 years, vegan the last 11 and I still miss the taste of meat and enjoy the fake stuff. Am I still transitioning? 😉

  2. Ive been vegan for 4 years. And lemme tell you, anything that doesn’t taste “vegan” makes me uncomfy asf. Its not that I cannot physically eat “dead animals” its just to me when something tastes too good to be true I always feel like it’s not vegan and it makes me wanna almost puke inside. Like at work the cheese looked very weird when it came to the shape. But when I tested the cheese I knew it was vegan cus it tasted similiar to Violife. You could say im kinda a vegan expert.

  3. Some vegans don't want stuff to taste like meat…..good for those who really like meat, I suppose. For vegans who are only vegan and because of animals probably a good choice. But it's funny that people who go vegan to save animals really want stuff to taste like animals. 🤣 I'm going to adventure. I guess that it's not the healthiest thing in the world but not all vegans are looking for health.

  4. After soooo many years of being vegan, I don't like food that taste like meat…when I try it, the first instinct for me is to spit everything out…

  5. You should give it a DNA test cause the PTB are sneaking in human DNA to corrupt you upon deaths judgement. McDonalds puts human DNA in their meat. The most disgustingly harvested meat. From Hu mn Sac ri vice. We live in hell.

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