This Will Make MUSHROOMS Taste Like STEAK?! | Vegan Philly Cheese Steak

Today’s recipe will help transform mushrooms into a steak alternative that tastes insanely good using a technique that draws …


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  1. I actually eat a lot of steak because I'm fat as hell so I can assure you that it tastes the same. I was shocked when I tasted it at first because my whole mind was blown that a mushroom tasted like steak

  2. I agree mushrooms overcrowding is an under addressed issue in today's society. But seriously I need some new recipes. I guess I'm going part raw at least 50/50 but I still need easy stuff to make. Looks delicious. Cheers

  3. I bought two whole containers of baby bellas to kick off my plant based lifestyle but then I forgot I don’t really like them so here I am🥴 anyone try this with a regular ceramic coated pan?

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