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  1. I'm highly allergic to all of the hot peppers so your opinion that 'anyone' should be a curry eater don't mean squat. I have to substitute celery leaf for peppers. Guess you don't know as much as you thought, huh?

  2. if you want a 3 main curry get a microwave Meal
    if you want a 3 hour on call your local Indian
    if you want food poisoning go make a 30 min curry an put your chicken in raw

  3. I got a pilondial cyst and sinus and I can’t sleep cuz my butt hurts and watching this at 5 am then tell my dad to take me to the hospital, im 14

  4. Did anyone else see the cheesecake lady pick up that glass bowl of "right out the pan" strawberries? Baby doll if those were hot you would not be picking them up like that

  5. Instead of using Apple cider in the apple pie – Reduce apple juice to get the same intense flavouring in the filling –
    Apple tea or apple brandy will also work
    You can also add apple flavoured jelly crystals to the filling which will give you a unique texture if you decide to serve the pie cold – Just add the jelly crystals to the reduced apple cider or apple juice to Dissolve

  6. You add intense apple pie flavour to your apple pie and make the pastry even more tender add apple pie vodka or Apple infused vodka to the crust instead of water. This also allows the liquid to be colder. Keep the vodka in the freezer until needed.

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