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  1. Manjula Thank you so much for the easy recipe. This is my first Indian cooking. I was a bit worried to add too much spice my first time so I cut it back a bit…. Next time I will add all the spices. I enjoyed it very much. I looking forward to making more of your recipes! Thank you again!!! 😊

  2. hi aunty, i have yellow split peas/toor.arhar daal. but no matter how much i wash or soak it, it foams up when i boil it. and then the foam spurts through the pressure cooker seeti. i got my pressure cooker from india and it's a small one. i am not putting too much daal and water, i only put enough to go up to half of it's depth. a lebanese chef suggested i boil it on medium/low heat and not high heat. any ideas of what i can do to solve this problem? thank you!

  3. Hello Manjula! You know, it's really hard to find all the different types of dal where I live. I can't find white urad dal and I can't find toor dal either! So, for this recipe, is it possible to replace toor dal with another dal, for example chana dal?

  4. Wow! This was so delicious. I had never liked toor in the past but I just love this. I like my dal drier so I used about 1/2 the water and it turned out great. Thank you!

  5. Hi Manjula…I love your videos…I am learning how to cook and you are very helpful…do you have to wait 15 mins to open pressure cooker??? If I don't wait is it ok…?

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