Top 5 Super Foods for weight loss Collab w/ Anthony Deluca | The Edgy veg

Today Anthony and I are sharing with you our favourite 5 easily accessible super foods! These top 5 super foods can be found at most grocery stores and can be …


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  1. I was trying to up my healthy fat intake and I ruined my gallbladder by trying to incorporate avocado at a extreme amount 😭 now I can't eat it anymore because it causes a lot of pain 😒

  2. y ese mamonsazoooooooo que pedoooo!!!!! x.x, i couldn't said that in english ahahaha, it has to be in spanish, btw thanks this is good information!! πŸ™‚ i really love all this super foods, also i notice that when you said quinoa the video of the hemp seeds appeared and when you said hemp seeds the video of quinoa appeared :p oops ahahaha πŸ˜€ who cares i love your channel thanks

  3. What do you think about aloa vera water. I love to ut them in my smoothies. I also put diatomaceous earth (food grade) in my shakes as a shake powder replacer.

  4. I just recently learned about food deserts. I live in Austin and there are huuuuuuge regions of the city that do not have access to remotely healthy food. Crazy to think that even blueberries are not accesible to people

  5. So the blueberries are a great weightloss food but the rest are calorie dense and are hardly weightloss superfoods.
    Eat low fat whole fruit and veg and keep the carbs high. Stop carrying on about the myth of protein.

  6. This was really down-to-earth, and I know lots of people will appreciate the BS-free nature of these recommendations. I say this as someone that still has spirulina, maca, raw carob powder, etc. in the back of the pantry from my gourmet raw days. All done with the goji berries, thank goodness! : ) Thanks for posting : )

  7. love this !! too bad its almost impossible to get hemp seeds in australia… they are banned by the government bc they are distantly related to weed or something. ridiculous !!

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