Top Kitchen Essential Tools For Home Cooks

Here I’m giving you my top kitchen tool essentials that I use most often when making my recipes. Below are some affiliate links to each of the things that are in …


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  1. I am so glad you mentioned the plastic storage containers. I got tired of trying to match lids with containers of all those cute containers about 3 years ago and went that route that you suggested to others. My only added cost was masking tape and a sharpie to mark what was in the container and date. Great for freezers too. My life became cheaper, simpler and now have more storage room. Love them.

  2. I love your tip videos .. 🙂 thanks, I definitely need a rolling pin lol I use a glass drinking cup lol, I'm so cheap, would love a stand mixer too, but I'm not baking a lot and it would collect dust.

  3. Love the list – question about the knife steel vs sharpener: do u need both? I have the steel and use it with my chefs knives but don’t have the sharpener, I don’t feel like I need one as the steel works great, but am I missing out???? Lol.

  4. THANKS!!!! I’ve had questions about what kind of cutting board I should get. I’ve been using a (not sure) nylon board that is all cut up. Makes me wonder where the little pieces have gone😕

  5. I have all but a micro plane & chinois.

    I have my dad’s old chef knife. It’s probably 50 years old, we keep it razor sharp.

    I agree-GLASS mixing bowls!

    Now all I need are your cooking skills & your talent!

    Thanks for sharing. 😊

  6. The only thing I don’t have in the top 20 is a food processor but that may happen after fathers days. Gift card to the kitchen supply store from the kids…. 🙂

  7. Thanks! A very helpful video for a novice home cook like me! I recently bought a good santoku knife and it was one of the best kitchen investment I made. Next is a grater. Haven’t decided if I want a plane or a box grater yet though. Small kitchen problem. 😂

  8. Billy! I love doing lots of kneading by hand, but hopefully one Christmas I'll get (myself) a kitchenaid 🙌Great tips, thanks. Hope you're fine and healthy 😊 I have 9 whiskers on my kitchen top, plus I have no idea how many more around the house.. started wondering if I'm obsessed lolol love your vids

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