Traditional Beef and Barley Soup Recipe

Warm-up during those cold winter months with this delicious and easy to make traditional beef and barley soup recipe. Beef and barley is a fantastic hearty soup …


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  1. Tip, add a 1/2 cup or so of Cabernet wine, you’ll love it even more! Even some slight tomato sauce. But obviously this recipe itself looks so delicious!

  2. Love your recipes and videos! I made this and loved it. Then I made it again and tripled the amount of each vegetable and loved it even more!

  3. Love this recipe! We are having a Midwest winter storm just now, and I have decided it is the perfect time to try out this soup recipe, along with a loaf of a great homemade bread. Thanks for featuring this one! Fabulous!

  4. Hello. Thanks for making this video. I plan to prepare this recipe tomorrow. I have severe allergies ti bayleaf and rosemary. Can you suggest other herbs I may use since I have to leave these out?

  5. Searched "homemade pasta dough" and subscribed. You put a lot of work into these videos. I really do appreciate your hard work.

  6. Billy! So great to have your tutorials and even if I don't eat some meats I watch everything you post because there's always so much to learn. You're a great teacher btw and I really love that you give background information about the traditional dishes, really great. I have a question: What's the best way to contact you? by email or via a message in your blog? Thanks!!!

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