Traditional Greek Salad Recipe a.k.a. the Horiatiki Salata

This classic Greek Salad Recipe is loaded up with fresh tomatoes, vegetables, feta cheese, and herbs in a light red wine …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. I worked in a Greek restaurant where they had late friday night parties and threw plates in the floor. So they were classic Greeks. The chef George, from Mykonos, used iceberg lettuce, calamata olives, red onion, peeled cucumber, some tomato wedges, fetta and vinaigrette MINUS garlic and bell pepper. It was good stuff and I have loved Greek cuisine and their music ever since.

  2. That's my favorite salad. I make this salad at least 3 days a week and have for years. I season the tomatoes with basil S&P, the cucumber with dill S&P separately then add them to the remainder. It's the best of my garden.

  3. Great recipes!
    Do you have a flavor alternative for “pepper” when you do the seasoning with “salt and pepper”? – my wife is allergic to peppers (cyan, black, etc.)
    Wonderfully inspiring recipes and coaching.

  4. This dish looks absolutely delicious! I'm actually craving🤤🤤🤤 it now, but I'll need to get the ingredients before I can attempt to make it!

    Thank you for sharing!!! ❤️

  5. the corner restaurant where I go to for coffee they have really good Greek salad but I can't eat the lettuce in their Greek dressing is up pink color and I liked it at it because it's on the sweet side

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