Turning SOY CURLS Into STEAK?! | These Vegan Steak Tacos Are AMAZING

In today’s video I attempt to transform soy curls into steak. Using a unique marinade and traditional chimichurri recipe, these …


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  1. I like to add Kitchen Bouquet to make mine look more like steak. It’s a browning sauce used mostly to darken gravies but works marvelously with soy curls. Give it a try. Love your content.

  2. Butler is the only brand of Soy Curls. They are not soy curds (that is what tofu is made from). They are whole soy beans that have been cooked (pressure cooked I think), shredded, and dehydrated.

  3. I just cooked this and it was FANTASTIC!!! My husband and I loved every bite! My husband said “Hey, you could make this and put it over rice, and make sure you make the ‘cilantro sauce’ too” LOL. We were very pleased with it!

  4. I made these tacos and chimichurri tonight for my family and we all enjoyed it – even the kids. Thanks for a great recipe 🙂

  5. I just started making these soy curls and noticed it tastes a lot better without using the liquid squeezed out of the curls. I'm not a fan of that liquid taste at all. Incorporating all the other flavors, omitting the soy liquid, helps get rid of that soy taste. But if you enjoy the soy taste, awesome!

  6. This video is awesome! Looking so good, Candace! I love that lipstick color. It looks awesome on you! Keep up the awesome work with these great recipes!

  7. I just bought soy curls a couple of weeks ago and it’s my newest obsession. Soy curls are BOMB. Would love to see more videos about different ways to use soy curls. ❤️❤️❤️

  8. Hi Candice, I just bought some frozen soy knots and I had no idea what to use them for. I'm definitely going to try your recipe. I'm going to try adding some red wine to the marinade to give it a beefier color.

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