Ultimate Plant Based Fried Chicken?!

the question is answered in todays experiment episode!! ✍️ Full Written Recipes – https://www.avantgardevegan.com/recipes/?


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  1. OMG you finally bought a Kitchen aid mixer! lol I used to think what chef doesn't have a kitchen aid stand mixer?? I saw the video where you bought a cheapo stand mixer and saw how well it kneeded the VWG. I knew eventually you would want one. And I never liked Jackfruit until I saw you wring it out and I realized that's why mine never turned out. thx for that.

  2. Hey Gaz could I recommend you maybe invite the new One Piece Live Action Sanji Actor Taz to your kitchen for some Mushroom or something goodness,, will get large and wide viewership and be great for the animals and taste buds.

    Thanks for your work!

  3. Problem with jackfruit is it’s very low protein content , so when fried you end up eating high carb high fat – seitan should be knotted before simmering to give it a more stringy texture

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