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  1. August 12, 2020
    Greetings to you friend Manjula,
    I very much enjoyed your presentation, I have tried it, and it is wonderful!
    Now I love Upma Sooji.
    I like that you spoke slowly, and carefully spoke and repeated the instructions and ingredients.
    I hope you do more cooking shows. I have subscribed,
    I do Thank you very much.
    – please forgive my poor english –

  2. Aunty ji… just a small suggestion, In South India while tempering curry leaves are kind of must. Also ginger finely chopped and a tsp of urad dhal tastes really good. A tablespoon of thick yogurt also tastes great 🙂

  3. Manjulaji , I have seen many of your videos. They are short and sweet. I will suggest an additional ingredient. YOUGURT..It not only tests good but givesgood whitecolour to the upama. Another addition is KADIPATTA.

  4. Manjula jee, thanx for sharin' yet another awesome recipe, had two questions, one already answered, thanx to SoulQuest7, you use green, hot chilis, the peas you use, are they dry peas or fresh peas? And you also mention using oatmeal in the recipe? 5 stars Manjulatzin* and thanx for sharin'!

    *The tzin suffix means honorable in nahuatl(aztec).

  5. Hi,
    I felt the same about it as I come from south too. At home, my mom adds curry patta and not hari corriander for upma. She would roast them very light till the raw smell goes away and instead of peanuts (we use that in Tamarind rice), she always uses cashews. She adds ginger and green chillies for sure and sometime potatoes, string beans, onions and or tomatoes. And, we would add lemon juice just before serving. Anyway, Manjulaji's recipe is very appealing and looks great:)

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