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  1. Awesome 👏. I love all your recipes they are always very helpful. I also love all your kitchen gadgets. Can you please let me know from where you bought your pressure cooker?

  2. Hi Manjula,

    I love the recipe. Was wondering how long you would recommend to cook the dal if you are just cooking in a saucepan (don't have a pressure cooker)?

  3. I'm confused about urad dal.. I'm hoping to make Vermicelli Upma which calls for it. I have green lentils and black (whole) lentils and orange split peas. The split peas LOOK like what is being used but nothing else does. I want it to be authentic but need to make this dish today. What should use?

  4. Love the recipe. One request… will be great if you can share the recipe in Hindi or do a voiceover. You will reach a lot more people if you did that.

  5. Very good and detailed explanation. Thank you Ma’am. It’s so heartwarming to know that it’s your father’s favorite recipe. I will surely make this one. I love making home favorite recipes.

  6. Many thanks for your video and help. We have a joke in Punjabi. Husband said to the wife darling you made me religious. Now every day I take the name of God. Wife happily said what do you mean..Husband says every day I say Hey Bhagwan aag pher Urad di daal lol

  7. Tarka should have simmered in dal for a couple of minutes to blend flavors, cook the chilies and the ginger. What happened to the chopped ginger? You had ginger in two bowls, long slivers, and finely chopped. Chopped one got left out. Also did not see haldi (turmeric) being added.

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