Using VEGAN Thanksgiving Leftovers! | Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes

In today’s video, I transform my vegan thanksgiving leftovers into an epic burger combo that will blow your mind. Using mashed …


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  1. We had Knödel, like every year.
    I made Burgers out of leftover Veggies, and Knodel 'Fries'. My favorite is 'Saure Knödel'. Its like a Salat. Must have – Pumpkin Seed Oil, with it!

  2. I love doing leftover poutine. I also love using leftover dressing for breakfast. Pan fried with tofu scramble on the side. So yummy and filling

  3. I just want to say that I was able to take your recipe for the mashed potato croquettes and use that with my leftover mashed cauliflower with almost no modification. It provided an excellent base recipe that I was able to modify for my father who is pre-diabetic. So thank you!!!!

  4. I also made potato pancakes but instead of using a flax or anything, I took a blob of the coagulated leftover gravy. 🤣 Basically the same consistency but a lot more flavour. The rest of the gravy is going into a pot pie. I love the idea for burgers. I had not thought of that and that’s going to work out really well with the leftover Seitan and stuffing and probably add some chickpeas and stuff. Thank you so much for that inspiration. Have a great day.

  5. i usually struggle with leftover mashed potatoes so ty for more ideas! i already used some this morning to blend in your nacho cheese recipe in place of boiling potatoes and it was so bomb

  6. You can’t veganize colonization. Even if it’s a friendsgiving or a thanksliving. This holiday represents genocide, it’s disappointing 🙁

  7. It is basically all of your leftovers on a bun, which I have been doing anyway. I actually made cornbread and am eating my tofu/seitan turkey and stuffing, on that with maybe roasted vegis and gravy. I am not sick of anything yet.

  8. First, everyone in my family knows I show up in my thanksgiving pants because of Joey from friends 🤣 Also, cooked half of our thanksgiving meal on the grill because our oven went out and honestly it turned out perfect! Grill is totally a under used cooking item!

  9. Those buns are epic! I buy those, one of my kid's loves cream-cheese on them – the whole family is not vegan and the kid who is loves cream cheese in his. ( he has been vegan since birth, because his body rejected all dairy and a-lot of other animal based items, it's vegan cream-cheese) This is why I love channels like yours or "hot for food", Having 6 different diets to please can be hard, When I watch a great recipe video and get inspired to make food that pleases everyone and no one feels like they are missing out – priceless. As the chef of the house, most times if you say nothing, they never know. I made my husband one of your Jack Fruit recipes, he loved it – then I told him what I feed him, it was the pulled pork, he loves it! I followed your whole recipe and its a family fav!
    Thank you for sharing, wish you well❤️

  10. I love these videos! I've been following you for yeeeears! BUT you don't CUT need to CUT every CUT sentence CUT that you sa- CUT -y! Whoever edits this is doing a disservice

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