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These buttermilk biscuits are so buttery, and authentic to the southern version- it’s crazy! These biscuit can be enjoyed buttered …


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  1. If anyone ever has a craving for cinnamon rolls, but don't want to wait for two rises of the dough, and just wants cinnamon something, in the last rolling out, fold in half then roll out step is where to add your cinnamon/sugar. This way, you're just rolling out the dough once after the addition, and the cinnamon/sugar mixture won't come out, or get all over the rolling pin.

  2. As a southern baker these hokey pucks you call biscuits make me sad. So many mistakes. They could have been very good. Always use very cold butter. I put my butter in the freezer the night before i plan to make biscuits. And i do add just a table spoon or two of shortening. And don't kneed the dough. Touch it as little as possible. Don't even roll it out if you don't have to . I use my hands to flatten it out. And i get the most melt in your mouth biscuits ever. So light and fluffy. And if you use a machine the butter will get overworked . It is better to fill the dough with your hands. This is my option. Everyone has their own. Your chicken did look fabulous .

    I am pretty new Vegan (YAY) and need some of that comfort food but don't want to put animal products into my body and your channel is totally going to help with that! 😀
    thanks so much

  4. Why don't you have more followers ?? Your cooking videos are so great! Another recipe I can try out for my family to convince them that vegan food is much more of a gain than a loss! Thanks

  5. I try really hard not to comment on the appearance of Youtubers rather than their content–but the romper you had on with the way it was cut made you look like you had a Disney Princess waistline. I mean that as a genuine compliment, you look so pretty! Now about the food–it looks delicious, can't wait to try this recipe!

  6. Hahahaha! In Australia, we refer to what you would call 'cookies' as 'biscuits', so can you imagine my confusion when you started talking about chicken and gravy?!  

    Never the less, a fantastic video on how to make these 'biscuits'!
    I just did a quick google, and I gather that they're essentially a more savoury scone, right?  I'll have to give them a try once I move into a place with an oven, hahaha!

  7. Dude I think you overworked the dough… They don't seem super flakey, but if you left more butter pockets and didn't mix it till it all melted it might be closer to a flakey buttermilk biscuit.

  8. u always look fly as hell <3 it i tried to make vegan biscuits, was kind of a freaky nightmare disaster, culminating in multiple law suits and a divorce

  9. I found your channel the other day and watched all 142 videos. no joke. 😀
    I recently decided to go omit some foods out of my diet and your channel is a life saver!! I'm kind obsessed with you haha 😛

  10. Weird!  Was gonna make biscuits today but made actual bread instead.  Next time!  Have you seen the home made vegan butter recipe at  It's an alternative to commercial stuff with questionably sourced palm oil in it; it looks, smells, tastes, and "behaves" like butter.  It's intended especially for this sort of baking, where a solid butter is cut into flour and helps create rise when cooked.  I will use the latest batch to make these.  Thanks for posting : )

  11. This is such a cool recipe! I might just become vegan to be able to have to resort to just having all of the food that you make. I'm so making these for my class.

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