VEGAN BREAKFAST Recipes that aren’t just a smoothie…

In today’s video I’m sharing some quick and easy vegan, plant-based breakfast recipes. From a vegan breakfast sandwich, to one …


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  1. When i google mungbeans the ones that comes up are more green than yellow and according to google mungbeans and yellow lentils aren't the same thing. So I guess what you mean is that I can use either yellow lentils or mungbeans? 🙂

  2. I tried the vegan egg sandwich today without sausage as I don’t have any in the house. It was excellent I don’t need sausage this was absolutely perfect thank you Candace 🙂

  3. Raw beans in general taste terrible. 😅 One of the few times that tasting something raw (that's vegan) is not helpful.
    The egg patty looks really good though. Mung beans are cool.

  4. “If you haven’t subscribed yet, I don’t know why you don’t want to be my friend.” me realizing I haven’t yet for some reason and remedying that lol I don’t typically do much beyond coffee for breakfast, but that sandwich looks fantastic and new food goals for the weekend

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