Vegan breakfasts for the weekend 🥞

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  1. The weekends is when I like to make time to cook and I really like playing with different breakfast recipes…all of these recipes look amazing. I will give them all a try! I also love pancakes on weekends, it's such a sweet way to reward yourself at the end of the week.

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  3. Again.. I ADORE her recipes and make these without oil the processed oil. "Sadia, please hun can you make these recipes WFPB" 🥰 because with simple tweaks, they taste just the same and just as good.

    After doing a nutrition course and listening to Dr Campbell, Dr Bernard, Dr Gregor, Dr Klaper, Dr Essysten, Dr Ornish, Dr Mcdougall, Dr Pam Popper, Dr Kim Williams oil is so calorie dense and not good for us. I only use pil as a light spray to brown something. Xxx

  4. This past Sunday, March 7th, my youngest daughter and I made the yummy pancakes you made in this video. Oh my soul!!! They were sooooo goooood. We so enjoyed the fragrance of the batter. We tried it with Maple Syrup and Miss Butterworth and the pancakes are just goood. Good job with this recipe and I am so glad we found your channel. We will be trying more of your recipes.

  5. These look fantastic 😍 Im not vegan but trying to eat less animal products. For the pancakes will store-bought oat flour work instead of blending my own? Or even regular all purpose flour, even though it isn't as healthy?

  6. Sadia, I have 2 questions:
    1) Can u share what kind of pan that u used for cooking the pancakes? I saw that it is used on the induction cooker.

    2) Will the potatoes lose some of the nutrients if we soak them?

    Really need ur guidance. 💗

  7. If anyone needs to start a morning with a good start seriously they need to watch your videos starting of every video with your smile ❤ that can be the best start,
    & the way you explain all the recipes and about everything that is incredible 😍

  8. Hi, so I just tried the oat pancakes. I followed the recipe except I left the vanilla extract out because I didn’t have any and instead of maple syrup I used agave because i didn’t have maple. The recipe didn’t work for me, it was very runny and when I put on the pan they burned on the outside and still not fully cooked in the inside. And it was more like an uncooked tortilla. Bummer for me.

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