Vegan Caesar Salad | EASY + HEALTHY LUNCH

Here is my healthy version of a Caesar Salad. This recipe is vegan, gluten-free and full of amazing flavours that we all know and …


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  1. I’m super late but this is the very best Cesar dressing I’ve tried thus far. I used just mayo’s garlic mayo and garlic powder instead of raw garlic… lazy… but whatever. Hands down BEST CESAR DRESSING though!! Thanks.

  2. I've been searching for a good Cesar dressing ever since I've gone vegan like a year ago and haven't been too lucky till I tried you're recipe it legit almost taste like the real thing thank you!

  3. but isnt mayo is made from eggs too? i've google on how mayo is made and it contains egg. may I know is there mayo for vegan? and bread is made with butter and milk. I've checked the ingredient before i eat them. Is there any bread that milk or diary products free? i know there is bread that made out of soy milk instead of diary milk..

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Just made a variation of this recipe (adding cucumbers and tomatoes) together with my daughter, we are soooo happy. It is delicious. And the Parmesan is as a cherry on the top.

  5. OMG! 😋Caesar dressing is soooo good! Tastes better than real thing! I used Just Mayo Garlic (Vegan mayo) and didn't even have to use a whole cup of mayo to make it! I didn't bother with parmesan since not a big fan of cheese anyway but added avocado and edamame crisps (Vegan and gluten-free) from Trader's Joe for some crispness instead of croutons and it was supa good! 👍thanks for an awesome recipe!

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