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Candice has perfecte the best vegan cheese fondue recipe and now she is going to share it with you. The base of your fondue is going to be potatoes and rice.


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  1. No no no ! don't ! put what you want but no Granny smith apple in la Fondue please !!! In FRench tradition we associate the apples only with three other cheeses :
    – The Camembert
    – The Pont l'Eveque
    – The Neufchâtel

    Because thoses cheeses come from Normandie county ( that's mean where I come from so ..) and in Normandie we also have so much Apples! it's our fruit! so we associate it with Camembert .

    The Fondue come frome Savoie county and if you can find some apples there, it's not huge like in Normandie or Bretagne and whatever people from this part of France don't associate fruit with cheese ( only savages flowers from the Alpes montains )

    Traditionally, you put in Fondue :
    1. Old dry bread

    2; Potatoes

    3. Vegetable

    But not fruits 😉

    Thak you for the recipe, I will try it, as french and vegan, I confess that the Fondue misss me a little bite ( but animal fisrt and no any best un-vegan Fondue in this world will change my mind or make me break). But I will be very demanding so if it really have the French Fondue taste, I will extol your virtues everywhere I promess!

  2. This looks so good. Do you think I can take this for raclette? It looks more delicious than most of the cheese recipes I could found for ”grilled” cheese.

  3. This fondue recipe is too liquidy and not dense or creamy enough in my personal opinion (former chef and have eaten vast amounts of fondue in UK, Switzerland and Germany and belgium as child).

    I have been disappointed with vegan fondue recipes so I will do my own and video next year inorder to get it out of my system. I will check her other recipes, personally I think its very much a channel for young vegans like 13 years old to 25 years old sort of thing but i will definately see what else she has to offer, her ingredient ideas themselves were reasonable in this recipe they just need a bit more cooking experience hindsight to get to grips witha bit more or maybe real previous fondue eating experience might of been an advantage.

  4. I made this for a party last night and it was just ok. The written recipe calls for 6 cups of water which is way too much. The fondue was very thin, so I added more tapioca starch which did thicken it but it still tasted like something was missing. I think it needs a creamier/fattier flavor, especially if serving to non veg people who are used to a richer/creamier flavor. The flavor and consistency is closer to gravy. I have so much of it leftover, will probably taste good over mashed potatoes though with all the rice, it might be carb overload. I'll try not to toss it. I highly recommend if you make this dish to cut down on the water. I might even cut down on the rice or try to create a recipe using white rice flour.

  5. I know I‘m late to the party but there is Sauerkraut juice in Germany… I hope you never tried it cause it’s absolutely horrible but do you think I could sub the water from canned Kraut for the juice? Has somebody else here tried that…maybe…heeelp? It would save me the excess dry Sauerkraut 😂
    Much love from shit weather Bavaria ❤️

  6. Wow, I've gotta try this! Only I would use white miso instead of the dark variety, it has a milder flavour and colour. Maybe even a dash of turmeric?

  7. Hello! This looks amazing! My husband is allergic to cashews though, would almond meal/flour work instead?
    I ask b/c I make Caesar dressing with almond meal and help seeds instead of cashews and it's great!

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