Vegan Cheese Pizza (2 ways) | The Edgy Veg {WIGS Food Challenge}

Can you help me get to 500 likes on this video, we’re nearly there? Just thumb me up yo! This Pizza recipe is going to be part of …


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  1. That's col but I don't get it why out of Italy any kind of flatbread with a shitload of random ingredients and barbecue sauce can be called pizza..
    Really, it's like calling a plateful of white rice with fish on top "sushi" 😐

  2. I was thinking about becoming vegan for a long time,but I thought I have to get rid of my favorite food. Until I stumbled on your videos and I'm actually happy you have my favorite food on here, like chocolate, nuggets (veggie), and now I'm willing to become vegan. thank you

  3. Love your channel and your recepies! And love America.. but damn! You Americans don't know how to eat a pizza.. always (well, not always actually) ruin Italians recepies! Real italian pizza is simple.. (all italian recepies are simple) just dough, tomato sauce (not ketchup, not bbq), mozzarella, olive oil (EVO), salt and basil.. that's it. Since I'm vegan I don't add mozzarella but I like to put on some mushrooms or other grilled vegetables…. try it! πŸ˜‰

  4. All these Vegan videos make me sick! Seriously, I'd rather live life to the fullest and eat whatever the hell I want than have to constantly watch and avoid certain foods for the rest of my life just to follow a restrictive and false ideology.

  5. hello! my mother tongue is spanish andΒ even though i understood the whole cooking process, its quite hard to make it through the spices and sauces names :$ so in order to copy an paste the words on google translate in the correct way you're supposed to write them (and then easily find them in my local supermarket :D) could you please write in the description the ingredients list? just for your vegan foreigners subscribers :):):):) love the chanel! xx

    *(bad grammar, im know)

  6. So I've just been watching your videos for the past week or so and you're so funny, awesome, vegan and a good cook… and then now u tell me your an Iron Maiden fan too??? WHY ARENT U MY BEST FRIEND

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